Sunday, September 28, 2008


I have never been a scary book/movie/tv show person. There are few feelings in the world that I despise more than being scared out of mind. I am the person who literally closes my eyes as tightly as humanly possible, while plugging my ears, and humming loudly if a scary movie PREVIEW comes on network television. (Can't possibly get much more wimpy than that, eh?! Network television movie previews!)

I am excessively spooked by everything supernatural, especially if it is about angels, demons, vampires, ghosts, etc. I have never seen the movie Poltergeist (but I did watch Ghost Busters -- that counts as a scary movie, right?)

I won't watch anything that deals with psychics, mediums, etc. I won't read or watch anything by Stephen King, Alfred Hitchcock or Edgar Allan Poe. To this day, I still have nightmares about the short film our high school English teacher made us watch about Poe's poem "A Tell Tale Heart"

I was never an exuberant fan of Harry Potter books -- with their true to life wicca practices, etc. I really want to endorse books or authors who excite young readers into picking up a book -- especially if those readers aren't really readers to begin with and when the books are written by a single mom... I desire to support her. Alas I am not a fan of magic. I am not trying to appear as a religious fanatic, but wicca practices... Nope. No way. Not going there. Can't read it.

Where is this rambling going...?
I love a good book but I always avoid scary stuff. Yet, my interest was peaked when I heard two co-workers talking about some teen fiction they were reading at the urging of one of their nieces. Since I am always looking for suggested reading, not to mention that I will soon have a teenage girl (well, hopefully the teenage change will hold off for at least another 5 million years. I simply can't stand to have her morph into "one of those" yet), I was interested and thus I began my journey into my first teen romance novel that focuses on the budding romance between a vampire and human girl. I think there are four books in the series by Stephanie Meyer. The first novel is titled "Twilight" and the second one is "New Moon". I am almost done with the second. They are entertaining, easy reads that bring me back to the nostalgic memory of bubble gum, teen romances I used to read back in the day.
Move over, "Sweet Valley High" twins, "Babysitter Club" friends, etc. These books are definitely more worldly and much more out there than what I would like to envision E reading in a few years, but I guess the world is changing...

Besides, I always like to hear about young, single moms who get a break and are successful. From what I can tell, Ms. Meyer is a total rock star to teenage girls everywhere. Check out her interviews on You Tube with different talk shows.
I fear I am now as deeply charmed by Edward Cullen as all of the other teeny boppers. Although I must say that Jacob Black may be much more my style. (Keep in mind I am still in the second novel. I truly hope they don't make Jacob turn out to be an awful character -- werewolf or not!) Point of my rambling -- they are making a movie about the first novel "Twilight" and its supposed to be released this December (?).

Let the screaming teenager madness begin...

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