Thursday, July 31, 2008

Creative Effort

"Happiness is not in the mere possession of money;
it lies in the joy of achievement,
in the thrill of creative effort."

~Franklin D. Roosevelt


Just a few miscellaneous pictures I like and thought I would share.

Tea party with the dolls and plastic dinosaur. I love it!

Life is a Zoo

Took the children to Como Zoo again -- can you resist the economy-friendly, easy-on-pocket-book, wonderfulness of Como?! Had tons of fun and tuckered ourselves out just in time to arrive home for a fantastically deserved nap.
Highlights of this trip: Crazy and wild koi or goldfish-looking fish in the Conservatory AND the exciting Blooming Butterfly Exhibit. E was beside herself when a butterfly landed on her shoulder.
I was a push over and we also went on a few rides in Como Town, which I usually avoid like the plague. Como Town induces the "gim-mes" and the "I-wants" that drive me batty.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I could do this too...

Yesterday as I was walking out the door for work this morning (just before 6:00am!), my little G woke up and wanted breakfast. I was afraid of being late, so C took over and gave her breakfast.

As G was attempting to eat breakfast, she encountered the below problems (see picture)...
I guess she was no match for the Rice Krispies -- seeing as to how she is out cold!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Last Friday, it was miserable outside. It was awfully humid, threatening to rain with lots of thunder ad some lightening, but the skies were not actually spitting anything out. The children had tons of energy and were stir crazy. Unfortunately my mini-van was in the shop AGAIN, so we were limited to a small set of choice destinations. I grabbed the umbrellas and told the little ones to march out of the house. I was sick of whining and we were going to a walk, come hades, high water, or Noah on his ark.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Haven't I Learned?!

You would think that I would have learned my lesson by now -- small children and art supplies of any sort, especially the permanent kind, do not mix. Yet, I like to attempt to be an open minded parent who allows her children to explore the world aroudn them and learn through hands-on life experiences.

Well, kind of. I mean, it does sounds good IN THEORY, eh?

So, I left little G alone at the kitchen table with markers for like, um, 5 seconds. When I turned around to check on her, I was flabbergasted to see THIS...

In Loving Memory of Simon

Auntie Katie had to put Simon to sleep a few weeks ago. It was devastating. He was such a beautiful -- if grumpy -- old cat. He was almost 14 years old.
Katie and Jim couldn't deal with an empty nest, so over the last week or so they ended up with three new cats. Two of them, Bailey and Stolley, are the most petite, yet full grown cats I have ever seen and the other one is HUMONGOUS! If anyone remembers mine and my mom's cat, Buddy, who was huge... he doesn't even compare to George! George is simply massive!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blumer-Townley Annual Summer Event

Auntie Mary Jo and Uncle Keith had their annual BBQ on Sat evening that includes all of their children, their spouses and (grand)children, as well as my Mom and her children, their spouses and (grand)children. It's a hooting, hollering, good time. Let's see if I can name everyone who was there this year...

* Mary Jo & Keith
* Jeremy, his wife Amy (who is 7-8 months preg with their 2nd) and Isabelle
* Crystal, her hubby Noel, and Oliva, Hannah, Landon, Gavin
* Joshy
* Nanny (my Mom)
* Me, my hubby, and E, G, D -- H couldn't join us; she was with her mom.
* Auntie Katie, Jimmy -- Deegan couldn't join us; he was with his mom.
* Auntie Molly

Cheap Entertainment

I love the Farmers Market -- St. Paul's or Minneapolis'. Wandering thru the crowds, looking for the freshest and cheapest produce, people watching, enjoying the morning smog. Nanny, Auntie Molly, and I took E, G & D to the Mpls Farmers Market. The weather was gorgeous! No humidity with a very slight breeze and nip to the air (hence the jackets on the children). It was D's first experience. His senses were on overload at all of the flowers to smell, fabulously colorful things to grab, and people to stop and stare at...
E had a fantastic time taking pictures of us with my camera while we were sitting and enjoying the band.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Animals for City Kids

Auntie Katie and Jim discovered this awesome place in St. Croix Falls, WI called Fawn-Doe-Rosa where you can wander the grounds and meadow to pet and feed various animals -- mostly deer, ducks, geese, bunnies. There are lots of other animals -- llamas, goats, horses, roosters -- behind fences that you can also pet and feed but in a more controlled manner. In addition to all of that fun, there are caged animals -- grizzly bears, timber wolves, otters, lynx, porcupines, etc -- on display, but understandably they are not for touching. It was a fantastic time and totally worth the long, hair-raising drive with a complaining seven year old and screaming one and two year olds (little over an hour from our house to animals). I completely and utterly recommend bringing the kids -- or taking your adventurous significant other there for a date. It was a grand experience.

Everyone was having a gay ol' time with the exception of Little D who wouldn't let go of Daddy. Little D warmed up after a while, but he still wouldn't quite feed the animals. I was afraid the animals would nip when they took the food from the children's little paws, but to my surprise, they were extremely gentle and the only greedy little buggers we encountered were the psychotic goats -- who seriously had issues. I swear they almost HUNG THEMSELVES trying to push their funky looking heads thru the fence to reach the food!