Saturday, July 26, 2008

Animals for City Kids

Auntie Katie and Jim discovered this awesome place in St. Croix Falls, WI called Fawn-Doe-Rosa where you can wander the grounds and meadow to pet and feed various animals -- mostly deer, ducks, geese, bunnies. There are lots of other animals -- llamas, goats, horses, roosters -- behind fences that you can also pet and feed but in a more controlled manner. In addition to all of that fun, there are caged animals -- grizzly bears, timber wolves, otters, lynx, porcupines, etc -- on display, but understandably they are not for touching. It was a fantastic time and totally worth the long, hair-raising drive with a complaining seven year old and screaming one and two year olds (little over an hour from our house to animals). I completely and utterly recommend bringing the kids -- or taking your adventurous significant other there for a date. It was a grand experience.

Everyone was having a gay ol' time with the exception of Little D who wouldn't let go of Daddy. Little D warmed up after a while, but he still wouldn't quite feed the animals. I was afraid the animals would nip when they took the food from the children's little paws, but to my surprise, they were extremely gentle and the only greedy little buggers we encountered were the psychotic goats -- who seriously had issues. I swear they almost HUNG THEMSELVES trying to push their funky looking heads thru the fence to reach the food!

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