Sunday, July 6, 2008

God's Bounty

The morning of Fourth of July, Nanny and I took the three girls to Afton Apple Orchard to pick yummy, delectable, juicy, red strawberries. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. We could not have asked for a more grand day. I had not strawberry picking since I was little girl. I think I was more excited than the children!

We arrived at the strawberry field and were promptly whisked away by tractor to our own patch of berry bliss.
The children quickly got down to business and were busy loading up our baskets with strawberries galore. YUM! It doesn't get better than this...
G ate the most strawberries ever. She was such a darling mess as we rode the tractor back to our car. All the adults around us were chuckling at her enthusiasm as she munched away on berry after berry.
Of course the morning wouldn't be complete without a ride in the cow tractor thing...

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