Thursday, February 2, 2012

Raise Your Hand!

Rare Disease Day US - February 29, 2012

Please help us make a difference!  Lundbeck will contribute $1.00 to support NORD (up to a total of $10,000) in its efforts to support the 30 million Americans affected by rare diseases. All you have to do is click on the "Raise Your Hand" link on this page:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

To Be Santa Claus

Why I Want to be Reincarnated as Santa Claus

Reason 1
: I would get to visit the North Pole. I have never been to the North Pole but I am certain it would be a fantastic experience.

Reason 2
: I would get to eat everything I want without feeling guilty. (This reason alone justifies wanting to be Santa Claus!)

Reason 3
: I would be able to stop time and fly around the entire world in one night in a magic sleigh with reindeer.

Reason 4
: I would get to work with actual elves. Possibly making me one of the taller people in my immediate world. This would be a big change.

Reason 5
: One of my favorite colors is green and I have three red-headed children. Obviously it was meant to be!

Reason 6
: I’d be able to go down chimneys. I’d even be able to go down the chimneys of houses without chimneys. This would be interesting.

Reason 7
: My entire life would be devoted to giving and making children happy. What could be better than that?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hair Clippers Mishap

I simply cannot explain what happened without crying.

Needless to say, the Little Man needs a professional barber,
who apparently is NOT ME!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Cob Webs


Anyone home?

Anyone there?!?

Why is it so cob-webby and dusty?



Okay, I get the hint. I've been gone for several months and although I could bore you with the details, I won't.  I will spare all of the trauma -- plus if you know me, you know that my memory is royally hideous and therefore most of what I recount would probably be fabricated.

Just wanted to say HOWDY! And let everyone know I am still alive and will be blogging again.  Yah! Go me... and go you for reading!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo Friday: Week 32 - Shadows

It's Photo Friday! Week 32's theme is "shadows".  While the wee ones were happily jumping on the trampoline, I was able to catch these photos as their tiny bodies flew threw the air and cast shadows.  It was so fun to see the outline of their little forms on the trampoline mat.

Please hop on over to Trina's blog (click her button below) to see the other Photo Friday submissions.  It's so fun to see everyones ideas of each weeks theme.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's A Girl!

Husband's BFF & Wife (remember the Wedding of the Century?! click here to be reminded of that FANTABULOUS party!) found out a few months ago that they are preggers!!!  Well, obviously only Wife is preggers, but you know what I mean. Since I absolutely love babies and love BFF & Wife -- I was completely ecstatic by their baby news.  And it just keeps getting better!

Nope, not twins! Although that would be completely phenomenal news (to me...)

Because BFF & Wife are totally awesome, they decided to share their special moment of revealing the gender of their precious little babe with friends and family by throwing a "Gender Reveal Party". After Wife's ultrasound on Friday morning, the gender results were whisked away to a baker who made a cake that was either going to be pink for a girl or blue for a boy on the inside. No one but the baker (and the doctor) knew the wee one's gender until the cake was cut on Friday evening at the party.

Husband and I were honored to be at the party and learn that they are having a ..... GIRL! It was so unbelievably sweet! A total tear jerker moment.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Too Sick

Apparently, while I have been sicker than a dog for the last SIX WEEKS...

Yes, you heard me correctly.


The doctors have been wrong.  I had strep throat, but not bronchitis or pneumonia. I did have laryngitis and a sinus infection, but still not bronchitis or pneumonia -- which was treated with THREE different antibiotics and TWO series of steroids (to no avail or relief of symptoms.)

So, I have been blessed to have WHOOPING COUGH!


Who gets Whooping Cough now days? As an adult?!


The really great news is that it can take up to 3 months to clear up and with all of the coughing, I have managed to pull several rib muscles and even crack a rib!  Go me!  I love being an over-achiever!

As I recover, I will be taking a minor break from blogging as I attempt to heal.  Any prayers would be greatly appreciated.