Wednesday, December 21, 2011

To Be Santa Claus

Why I Want to be Reincarnated as Santa Claus

Reason 1
: I would get to visit the North Pole. I have never been to the North Pole but I am certain it would be a fantastic experience.

Reason 2
: I would get to eat everything I want without feeling guilty. (This reason alone justifies wanting to be Santa Claus!)

Reason 3
: I would be able to stop time and fly around the entire world in one night in a magic sleigh with reindeer.

Reason 4
: I would get to work with actual elves. Possibly making me one of the taller people in my immediate world. This would be a big change.

Reason 5
: One of my favorite colors is green and I have three red-headed children. Obviously it was meant to be!

Reason 6
: I’d be able to go down chimneys. I’d even be able to go down the chimneys of houses without chimneys. This would be interesting.

Reason 7
: My entire life would be devoted to giving and making children happy. What could be better than that?

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