Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blumer-Townley Annual Summer Event

Auntie Mary Jo and Uncle Keith had their annual BBQ on Sat evening that includes all of their children, their spouses and (grand)children, as well as my Mom and her children, their spouses and (grand)children. It's a hooting, hollering, good time. Let's see if I can name everyone who was there this year...

* Mary Jo & Keith
* Jeremy, his wife Amy (who is 7-8 months preg with their 2nd) and Isabelle
* Crystal, her hubby Noel, and Oliva, Hannah, Landon, Gavin
* Joshy
* Nanny (my Mom)
* Me, my hubby, and E, G, D -- H couldn't join us; she was with her mom.
* Auntie Katie, Jimmy -- Deegan couldn't join us; he was with his mom.
* Auntie Molly

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