Saturday, October 11, 2008

Afton Apples

I took E, H, G, and D to meet Auntie Katie, Jim and Deegan at the Afton Apple Orchard today. We had tons of fun. I was fortunate enough to embarrass myself by falling backwards onto my ample bum, off the hay-bale-tractor thing, while carrying D and trying to climb up onto the contraption. It was quite mortifying; yet, I was so proud of myself. I don't think I blushed... very much. Plus, I was entertaining! Everyone on board got a brief giggle at my bruised derriere's expense -- and I am pleased to inform you, I did NOT drop D -- who (just to remind you) I was protectively holding in my loving arms.

This shot is taken by me of D sitting on my lap, after we are safely sardine packed in the middle of hay-thing with wheels. E is sitting next to us, also packed in.
We also enjoyed the pumpkin patch at the orchard. Lots to see and do. The children never sat still. Nor did the adults considering there was five of them, and only three of us.

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