Friday, March 12, 2010

Ski Masks

Last weekend, the family is driving in the good ol' mini-van towards a big box store. We are on a tight budget. Funds are limited. Mom is extremely stressed about money.

Gracie (age 4): Mom! [Pointing out the vehicle window] I want Frucky Fried Chicken.

Me: No. Gracie. Sorry. We don't have money.

Gracie: Mommy! [Pointing out other side of vehicle] I want Arby's.

Me: No, Grace. We don't have money to eat out.

Gracie: M-O-M! I want to go on a ride at Wal-Mart.

Me: Nope. Sorry. Still no money.

Gracie: MOOOOOMMMMY! I want Sonic!
Me (slightly, okay! truthfully -- an extremely exasperated voice): Grace! I said, 'No.' We are only going to Target and we are only getting the 5 items on my list. See my list?

Gracie: Well, we could get a pretzel and cheese at Target?

Me: [SIGH!] NO! We do not have money for any of that stuff.

Gracie: Oh! We could go to the bank and get some money. They will give us some!

Me: No, they won't. Not unless we go in with ski masks on.

Husband cackles next to me while Gracie looks confused and asks, "Ski masks?"
Fast forward to today. I am standing inside the bank at the teller counter with Gracie and her younger brother making a deposit. Gracie, who was previously playing shy with the chatty teller, suddenly yells out at the top of her healthy lungs . . .


The teller looked at my confused as I shrug and say, "What did she just say? I didn't catch it..."

At least she didn't add the word "ski" in front of mask -- or perhaps I would have been typing this from the local federal penitentiary.

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