Friday, December 12, 2008

9:37 AM

Alright then. It has been a day and it's only 9:37am.

G just yelled my name, so I come running from the kitchen. I round the corner, into the living room, just in time to see D pour a bag of Corn Pops over G's head who is supposedly minding her own business, watching Curious George.

G is now truly outraged. D invaded her space by joining her on the davenport, and then has the audacity to sit down next to her after dumping cereal over her head.

Before I can open my big ol' mouth to yell (because that is what I do best in these situations -- yell), G retaliates by dumping her rather large bowl of popcorn over D's head.

Now I am stomping my foot, putting my hands on my ample hips and yelling, "Hello?! What is going on in here?!"

D hurls himself off the furniture, onto the floor, and promptly begins jumping on top of the cereal and popcorn disaster as he giggles like a mad scientist and chants, "Wunch-ing! Wunch-ing!" (Translation: Crunching! Crunching!)

Again... Alrighty then!

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