Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Not Home For Long?

Earlier this week...

Monday: More thankfully, my sweet little boy, D, was able to come home from the hospital on Monday night after they tanked him up with lots of IV fluids. We were so excited because he hadn't had any more hurling or "butt episodes" in almost a day.

Tuesday: D has three bad (and I mean BAD) diapers and wakes up after nap with a dry diaper. I begin worrying. I call the clinic on Tues afternoon. Hello?! They promised to call me back and they didn't. He was still producing tears and spit, so I figured he wasn't totally gone.

Wednesday (Christmas Eve Day): He woke up with a dry diaper in the morning. NOT GOOD. I am not okay with this. Immediately I am on the phone with the clinic. Should I bring him to the clinic? Should I bring him back to the ER?

Totally Selfish Side Thought: I am a bit concerned that I am hosting a Christmas Eve Brunch for the in laws in less than an hour, and that doesn't include the Christmas Eve Dinner I am hosting later that afternoon for 14 people -- both at my house. I have been sicker than ever, the house is a disaster because when I am with the kids I have been letting them do whatever they want, as long as it doesn't include touching, talking, or looking at me!

Merry Christmas Eve! Fabulous (and very patient!) in laws come for brunch. We are all trying everything we can think of to try to get D to drink, but he is having none of it. Brunch happens; I clean up; I bundle D up and whisk him off to the ER.

The ER doesn't mess around. They decide to pull labs and insert an IV right away.

The IV insertion this time was UGLY!!! D had to be stuck at least 7 times in three different spots and two different limbs. He was screaming and yelling and wailed, "Save me, Mommy!"

Already then! To all you moms out there -- what do you do when you want to protect your wee one but cannot stop the pain because it's necessary? Cry, right? You're supposed to say you cry.

So, the IV is in and they decide to do a stomach/chest x-ray to make sure there were no blockages. Again, this experience did not go well. D was fed up and kept yelling, "All done! Go home." Every chance he got, he was on the floor and running for the nearest door. My poor little heart was in tatters. He even told me I was being naughty when I had to assist the nurse to hold him down for his x-rays.

Results: X-rays turn out fine and show no blockages. Labs come back much better than expected (translation: he's not as dehydrated as we feared.) So the doctors decided that after a few hours of IV fluids, D was able to come home and celebrate Christmas Eve with the whole family.

Christmas blessing and miracle!!!

We arrived home in time to finish help cooking dinner. Actually my mom and sisters were so beyond awesome that I barely had to life a finger! My Mom bought disposable plates and cups. Because the kids or I had been so sick for the past few weeks, Mom also did all of the holiday grocery shopping. Mom did tons of clean up and every time I tried to help, she shooed me away and my sisters stepped in.

I am filled with gratitude this holiday season. Gratitude for mine and my family's usual good health. Gratitude for our phenomenal family support. Gratitude for health insurance.

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