Monday, August 3, 2009

Savor the Moments

In early July I took our oldest daughter, E, to Duluth for a simple mommy-daughter overnight. We had a fantastic time. She talked and talked and talked and I tried to listen. I think she really craved the alone time with me and I know it did my heart good. I am quite overwhelmed and have been sick recently, so I am going to be really creative by just posting pictures of our time together without further ado.
We spent a lot of time playing with the timer function on my camera and trying to snap shots of us together. In this shot, we were laughing so hard we could barely climb up on top of the rock in time for the picture, so we look really goofy. Silly us!
I love this picture because my baby girl is so precious and beautiful. She insisted on holding my hands, which just warms my heart. I know there will soon come a day when she is too "big" or "cool" to hold my hand and I am not looking forward to that moment.

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