Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, "Sisser"!

On Sunday we celebrated my middle sister, Katie's, birthday. Since she and her hubby, Jim, just bought their first house and are feverishly trying to finish parts of it prior to the end of August when their apartment lease is us, they were having a working birthday. I didn't want my sister to miss out on a celebration, so my mom, sister Molly, and I brought my family to her new house and crashed the working day with some cake.
We were having a fab time until my weest one fell on the concrete floor (laminate flooring yet to be installed) and gave himself the hugest goose egg I have ever seen. I freaked out and wanted to take him to the ER. Seriously, the egg takes up the ENTIRE side of his forehead. You should see how brightly bruised his poor melon is now (hours later.) My poor baby!

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