Monday, September 28, 2009

Branches of the Tree

On Labor Day, we had a big family picnic / BBQ at my cousin Rachel's because my Uncle Scott & Aunt Marie were in town visiting from Florida. Although not all of our family could make it (my Auntie Mary Jo & Uncle Keith and kids were missing, as well as my Auntie Barb & Uncle Bill and my sisters, Molly, Katie & Hubby Jim. I am sure I am forgetting others too). Below are several shots of our family.

Three of the five sibilings -- Auntie Lynda, Uncle Scott, and my Mommy

My Aunts, Uncles & spouses with my generation of cousins
My generation of cousins, some spouses and our children
All of the cousins children (on my side of the family).
Can you believe that only FIVE cousins made this many children?! Let's see if I can do the math right. I believe that between the five of us we have SEVENTEEN children (one of my daughters is not pictured).

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