Friday, November 6, 2009

Chin Length Hair

I am at work, sitting in the midst of the cube farm, happily minding my business, when I receive an unexpected call from the school nurse. Apparently my daughter has come to school complaining about the pain of a rather large burn on her right cheek.

According to the nurse, since this injury was news to me, E was trying to curl her hair before school. (Need I remind you that it is only chin length!!!) Since I had already left for work when this happened, I was completely caught off guard and more than a bit alarmed. E admitted to the nurse that she had snuck upstairs to curl her hair while Grandma was watching the wee ones downstairs. E even asked the nurse to NOT call me, since I didn't know about it yet. (Perhaps my mother in law should have called me at work? And, oh by the way -- didn't E think I would have noticed the LARGE, BROWN BURN on E's cheek as soon as she walked into our home after school?!) The nurse recommended I call my pediatrician to see if he would prescribe a burn cream that would help ease my sweet daughter's discomfort.

I had not even seen the injury yet, but I was supposed to call my ped and see if he would prescribe a prescription strength cream?! And wait a moment, keeping in mind, I still have not seen the injury, I was supposed to trust that E didn't need to actually be seen for the burn? I mean, do school nurses call and recommend treatment if the injury is considered minor? (But major enough to require a prescription?)

Then my mind jumps to other thoughts... E, just like the rest of the family, has extremely fair skin that scars easily. Is this youthful negligence going to leave a bad-arse scar on my gorgeous child's face?!

And wait just one more minute...

I flip my calendar open and notice that school pictures are in exactly FIVE DAYS.


Just perfect!

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