Thursday, November 19, 2009

Potato Drawer - Hide and Seek

There are just some people who are cursed with certain types of technologies. You know the kind of person I am talking about. For some reason, they simply should not own a car or computer or electric pencil sharpener, or perhaps a cell phone.

Take me for example...

No matter what, I am not destined to own a fully functioning, totally operational cell phone.

Did you know that your cell phone provider can KICK YOU OFF of your mobiles "insurance" plan if you submit too many claims within a specified time frame?


It happened to me. True story!

In my defense, not ALL of the claims were completely my fault! At least one of the three, or maybe five (or, er, honestly... I guess it was several) claims were because of the dippy phone manufacturer.

So, it all boils down to this simple fact: I am cursed when it comes to cell phones. As my friends can vouch, I often lose my phone, if it is actually working. Unfortunately, I have the special talent (with my wee ones assistance) of losing my cell for entire DAYS ON END. [Record: lost that dang thing for an entire week!]

What leads me to share these insightful thoughts with you... I just found my cell phone inside my refrigerator INSIDE THE POTATO DRAWER! I think normal people call this drawer a crisper, but since I store my potatoes and vegetables inside it -- it's my potato drawer.

Hello?! One of my children (because it sure as heck wasn't me!) put my cell phone inside a drawer, inside the refrigerator. Inside a drawer!

Doesn't' anyone else think that is a funny place to put a cell phone -- even for a 2 or 4 year old?!

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