Saturday, March 19, 2011

Family Field Trip

The wonderful amazing uniqueness of individual electronic equipment.

Family field trip. Driving “up north” to visit husband’s dad and then on to Duluth for a quick family stay-cation at an indoor water park.

Husband is listening to AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds” or Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” on headphones, while I am using my laptop (without headphones, held up close to my ear!) to have K-Ci & Jojo belt out “Crazy” and “Tell Me It’s Real” between Prince’s “P*ssy  Control”. The eldest daughter is listening to Taylor Swift on the rear minivan speakers and the wee ones, Little Princess and Little Man, are watching the movie “How to Train Your Dragon” on the teensy-tiny portable DVD player in the middle seats.

I’m doing my version of a hip hop chair dance in the passenger seat while Husband is sticking his tongue out like Kiss, banging his head and doing that rocker “hang loose” hand signal thingy.  Big E is mortified in the back seat, attempting to pretend that she is too cool to be seen with us – which are extremely hilarious since we’re cruising down the freeway at almost 80 mph and there isn’t anyone around to make fun of us.  Except perhaps the folks in the cars we pass… I suppose they could laugh at us, but I think they would consider us free entertainment. A break from the tedious, boring drive on a MN freeway with nothing to look at except dormant trees, dirty snow banks, and ice-covered bodies of water.

Besides, I consider the fact that I am able to easily embarrass my children as my God-given privilege for putting up with all of their whining, bickering, sassing.

Life is good.  Go us!

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