Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blurry Eyes

Breaking news! Scientists have proven that most mothers do not get enough sleep. Hello... is this news to any of you mothers out there? Proving that any parent, specifically moms, do not get enough sleep is similar to proving that men dislike having their testicles kicked repeatedly with a steel-toed boot. And to make matters worse -- the article stated that 46% of the women surveyed felt they are getting enough sleep. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?!

Each night I get between 5 to 6 hours of excessively interrupted sleep. I was not naive enough to believe I was alone in my sleep deprivation, however, now it turns out that almost half of those psychotic women surveyed are saying that 4-6 hours is "enough" sleep, as well as some odd women (who must be lying?!) actually claim to get a full 8 hours of sleep each night...

I am in denial that there are real people out there getting real sleep. I'm so tired and grumpy and plain ol' unstable right now. I just want to crawl under my kitchen table and sleep for a week or perhaps just laugh hysterically while tossing Cheerios at the cat in an effort to amuse myself into staying awake.

Talk to me, people! Exactly how much sleep are you getting? Is it enough? How long until I go completely mad from lack of sleep?

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Krazy Katie said...

I think that is pretty humorous, I really enjoyed hearing your story about sleep deprivation. It is so frustrating to fall asleep and then to be awakened by my cat (Simon) purring too loud in my ear, I boot him off the bed and roll over and fall back asleep. Is this the same kind of frustration you are feeling? Please let me know!