Sunday, April 20, 2008


On Saturday evening, Erin (girlfriend of the century!) teamed up with Susan (Mitch's mom) to throw a surprise 30th birthday party for our dear friend, Mitchell. C and I parceled the children out to the various grandparents homes and prepared for a night of adult pleasures. Fantastic fun was had by all! Mitch ended up being genuiningly surprised (yahoo!) and Erin could stop all of the "lying" which was driving her batty as she tried to keep the party a secret.

Some people may have possibly had a teensy bit too much fun -- with a captial F! My hubby had to call my baby sister to give us a ride home from the bar/restaurant at 2 am since we were in no shape to drive. Molly, the dearest sweetie, also gave Mitch and hottie Erin a ride home. This morning my poor husband was in bad shape. I have never seen the old man so hung-over and miserable the day after a party. Hee-hee! It was excessively pitiful.

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