Monday, June 9, 2008

Baby of Mine

The other night, I wandered over to my seven year old around bedtime. She was laying on the couch, ready for bedtime stories. As she was settling onto the couch, I lay down next to her. We chatted for a few minutes, my mommy heart full of adoration at the sweet moment with my precious daughter. My mind wandered to the days when she was a newborn, just over nine pounds. In those days, she would lay next to me, curled into a tiny little peanut, and burrow tightly up against me. But now she is getting so very tall and takes up almost as much space as I do. (Well, not exactly, but you get the picture.)

I thought about these things with a sigh. I reached over and brushed my fingers across her hair, moving it out of her face...

And then she tooted. I mean, TOO-TED! The kind of earth-rattling honk that almost lifted both of us off the davenport!

We laughed together until our sides hurt, snorting and tossing each other a high five.

I loved that little baby, but oh, how I love the young woman she is becoming. Love just keeps growing exponentially.

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