Friday, June 6, 2008

Egocentric Americans and Offbase Media Coverage

Now I understand that between advocacy and adoption Angelina Jolie has helped many children. Perhaps she is a naturally good or loving mother. Heck, she's probably a great mom. But when Time magazine reports that a local rights group in Malawi objected to Madonna's attempt to adopt one of their country's orphans and even went as far as saying that the millions Madonna strove to raise for Malawi orphans, "doesn't change the fact that," Madonna is "no Angelina Jolie." I pause. There are so many important stories in the news right now that are more vital to obliterating Americans egocentric obsessions -- not to mention the awful sensationalism the general media outlets exploit -- but this story just bugs me. Isn't it good that Madonna raised millions for orphans, no matter what country they are in? If you want to share your thoughts on the topic, I'm open.

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