Monday, June 30, 2008

A Mighty Heart

Last weekend I watched the movie "A Mighty Heart" with the best next door neighbors ever. It was my turn to choose a movie from NetFlix and Hubby decided he couldn't possibly stomach the drama-based-on-real-life tragic death of journalist Daniel Pearl. Our fabulous neighbors humored me and sat through my bewildered questions (movie seriously needed subtitles!) about what the heck was going on, as well as my hysterical sobbing at the end. Hello! We all knew that Daniel Pearl was going to die and not be found alive (it was all over the news in 2002), but just the same, I couldn't handle the thought of having my husband kidnapped and then horrifically killed (by beheading!!!) while I was pregnant with our first child. Putting myself in Mrs. Pearl's shoes was too much. I am still haunted by the film. Angelina Jolie did a fabulous job of portraying Mariane Pearl (Daniel's wife). I really, really liked her in this role... and she's not usually my favorite.

Now, Hubby's movie choice has arrived. I do not think I will be able to force myself to sit through Eddie Murphy's "Norbit". Seriously... I think the comedy will just be too awful. I should log-in to our NetFlix account and take over the next several movie choices. I think I will... Husband is in Canada on business.

Serves him right for ditching me with the precious children again -- who I love more than life itself. But G's favorite phrase is "ALL BY MYSELF" at the top of her lungs and is usually quickly followed by D's adamant "NO!" E is hell bent on becoming an evil "tween" (not quite a teenager, but not quite a small child either) before she needs to and I am about over the edge. In the mean time, H just turned 4 and it can be challenging to be an only child 75% of the time and then come into our loving, albeit hectic, free-for-all.

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