Saturday, August 23, 2008

Everything on A Stick

I LOVE the State Fair. Can I say that again? This time a little louder -- I LOVE THE STATE FAIR!
I am a very fortunate woman because, unlike me, my husband DESPISES the State Fair. Therefore, I have made the executive decision that each and every single year of our wedded bliss, he has the superb privilege of staying with the lovely, absolutely perfect little angels while I partake in everything greasy, deep-fried, chocoalte covered, powdered-sugared on a stick.

Whoo-hoo for me, my mom and sisters.

We went to the State Fair yesterday and had a fantastically, fabulous time. The weather wasn't too bad. Quite hot and a bit humid, but the skies were relatively clear and no huge torrential downpours.

Our first tradition is to find the nearest photo booth and cram our soon-to-be-expanding, calorie laden bodies into it to take a reel of pictures. When I get my act together, I will scan the photo thingies and post them. They are a hoot.
Throughout the day I like to snap photo of "all things Minnesotan". And seriously, what is more Minnestoan than Walleye on a Stick or deep fried Spam curds??? For all of you who need an education about all things Minnesotan -- the SPAM MUSEUM (yes, you heard right -- MUSEUM) is located in Austin, MN and no, I have not visited yet.Unfortunately, I missed catching a picture of the chocolate-covered bacon on a stick, so we had to settle with posting pics of the deep fried candy bar stand. Never tried one, however I am sure since it is deep fried and includes insane amounts of melted chocolate that I would love it, given half a chance. There is always a stop in the Agricultural building where you can see freakishly large produce, as well as "seed art", which really is quite a sight.
And you can't possibly forget to mention or see the politics or livestock while at the state fair. My mom and sisters could skip this part, but it just wouldn't be natural! The pictures speak for themselves.
I could ramble a bit more, but I fear I have already bored most people to tears. I promised not to discuss the "hotdish" bake off or horse stuff that Molly felt the need to photograph.

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