Saturday, November 22, 2008

Open Flame

We had D's second birthday party this evening. He really got into the whole party scene -- kept running around telling everyone else "Happy Birthday", instead of allowing folks to tell him Happy Birthday. D loved ripping open the gifts and adored the Elmo cake I made him.
As a matter of a fact, I nearly had heart failure when D reached out to grab his LIT birthday candle, instead of trying to blow it out. I was standing on the other side of the kitchen table from him, ready to take a multitude of pictures. When D reached for the open flame, I was so panicked that I jumped across the table (translation: threw/draped my whole, over-sized body across the length of the entire table) as I blew/spit the candle out before D's precious little fingers could touch the scorching flame.
My family all laughed at me. Although the situation did call for quick action, I may have over-reacted a teensy bit as I spit and flung my body.

We also "got funky" according to G and "shook our booties" according to H. In general, we had a blast and there weren't even any disputes/fights amongst the Blumer girls!

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