Sunday, January 24, 2010

Surprise with a Twist

Last night, I threw a surprise party for my fantastic friend and neighbor, Carol. However, the party had a twist... it was at Carol's house. I am so terrible that I threw a surprise party for a friend AT HER OWN HOME. (Me defending myself -- My home is always so messy! And her's is always spotless...)
I was so excited the entire week before the party. I had a hard time keeping the secret to myself. I wanted to jump up and down and tell Carol all about the plans, but I managed to control myself and she ended up being surprised.
We had tons of fun. Perhaps a tad bit too much fun. Enough fun that the end result may have been a teensy bit of a hang over the next morning. C'est la vie! It was all well worth it!

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hickeyartist said...

Looks like an awesome party!!!