Sunday, February 14, 2010


I feel like my next comment will put me in the "Bad Mommy" column and most definitely in the "Awful Wife" column, but I can't help myself. I dislike Valentine's Day. I dislike it with a passion. It's just an overly commericalized, materialized holiday. Why should couples show each other EVERY DAY how much they love and appreciate and adore each other?

For me, historically, Valentine's Day is an over-rated, over-anticipated day to get my hopes up for some romantic, thoughtful and special display of my partners affection for my superb awesome-ness. However, that just isn't happening. Ev-er! Not in my world. It's isn't happening now, for the past several years, in the foreseeable future, or even in the beginning of our relationship. I knew full well that I was marrying a highly UNromantic man. I recognized that sweet prose and love letters wasn't his cup of tea and I accepted that.

Yet, in my jaded heart, does that make me less disappointed when each year I try my hardest to NOT have expectations for this hideous "holiday" that tries to pump up an annual display of love to suffice for the next 11 months, 51 weeks, 364 days of the year?

It truly isn't about a gift or extravagant display of undying love. I would be much happier with a brief, hand-written note; a few couple coupons for hugs; a nag-free cleaning of the kitchen; organizing a babysitter for the wee ones and then a home cooked meal with just the two of us... even a FREE e-card.

SIGH! It is what it is.

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