Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Innocence Lost -- Almost Unforgivable

As a mother of four, precious, unique children, I cannot fathom any situation that could possibly ever occur to make me put my child on an airplane all by themself for a TEN-HOUR flight. That's absolutely incomprehensible to my puny brain. How could you go through the rigorous and expensive adoption approval process, just to place that child on an airplane by themselves six months later?

Hello?!? What was that mom expecting? A perfect child without any emotional issues or baggage -- after basically spending their entire life in an orphanage?

My heart aches at how pitiful and awful the innocent, poor eight-year old boy must feel after the TN mom "returned" him, like discarded, defective goods purchased at a second hand store. My stomach is absolutely SICK with disgust at her actions.

I realize that the adpoted son in question probably had very severe mental health issues and the adopted mom most likely didn't expect that. However, how does it help the troubled child to return him to an under-funded, crowded orphanage in a country that has over 750,000 children waiting to be adopted? Wouldn't that impressionable young boy do better off getting all of his mental health issues addressed and helped in one of the world's richest countries?! A country that, although we have TONS of our own problems, still has some of the best medical (including mental health) resources in the entire world?!

I recognize there are no easy answers. Yet, my heart aches beyond belief at how bewildered, upset and rejected that poor little boy must have felt as he was returned to Russia...

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