Friday, May 20, 2011

Photo Friday: Week 20 - Anger

It's Photo Friday!  Week 20's theme is "Anger".  I couldn't resist sharing a great example of my son's un-necessary burst of energy.  We were happily cooking dinner together and he wanted to tear the lettuce for salad.  Unfortunately, something tipped him off and it resulted in him standing on the kitchen table, wailing at the top of his lungs and perhaps flinging a bit of lettuce around as I dove for my camera.

Please hop on over to Trina's blog (click her button below) to see the other Photo Friday submissions.  It's so fun to see everyones ideas of each weeks theme.


Kristy said...

I don't like lettuce either.

Trina said...

Awwww lol poor lil guy! Glad I'm not the only one to use one of my kids this week :)

CINDER said...

Look at those tears- and people wonder why when I am dieting I am crabby :) Its the lettuce ! Good pictures!