Saturday, May 21, 2011

Still Here

So the world did NOT end today, as predicted by some apparently very wise scholars and obsessive fanatics.  No offense intended but this did not surprise me.  I guess I subscribe to the religion that believes the Bible clearly states that no one will know the exact time of Jesus' return and if that logic is true, no one will be able to predict the date of the end of the world.

With May 21, 2011 being predicted as the end of the world, or the beginning of the rapture, I had a fascinating conversation with my bestest friend, who does not happen to believe in Jesus, or the conventional concept of heaven, hades, rapture, satan, etc.  She asked me: "If Jesus were to come back to Earth in human form, what would he look like?"  It was a thought-provoking exchange that really got my imagination moving.

Would a present-day Jesus look like? A corporate executive in a power suit with his smart phone always in hand? A beatnik rejecting materialism and embracing subculture ideas? Maybe a hip-hop DJ with his blinged out 4-carat diamond stud earring?  A retro-ish man seeking revolutionary change?  Perhaps a Harley-Davidson motorcycle guy looking rough around the edges?

What would your Jesus look like if he were to return during our life time?


Kristy said...

Oh yeah. I forgot to worry about the end of the world. Whew.

Annie said...

Yeah. Me too. Glad I didn't waste my energy on another life & death concept that I can't control.

Ratz said...

The end of the world is not the concern. It is mostly how to live in it that is.