Thursday, May 15, 2008

Different Breed

Why do sweet, precious, darling little girls turn into she-devils at some point in their second to third year of life? It's as if the cuddly little dears morph into some new breed of bipolar species that can turn make their head turn circles like Linda Blair! Since G is a bit past two and a half, I was hoping we had missed the worst of the terrible twos; however, the last few weeks... she has been crabby and has begun morphing into an unknown, unstable animal who attacks your ankles and throwing her tiny 25 pound body around in the most violent way! For no apparent reason!

E had a rough go of the twos and her threes were even worse. Fours were a welcome relief. I realize each age has its own unique phases and that each children is unique.

Our sweet H had okay twos and her threes have been fairly smooth. With fours beginning next month, I count our blessings all the time. She is such an even-keeled and tender-hearted little dear.

Then G came about... I adore her but she is a spoiled little booger. I think twos and threes are going to be "interesting", which is the P.C. way to say scary, challenging, and wrought with hair pulling -- me pulling my own hair out -- as well as lots of shrieking.

D has also started on his twos a bit early. I think he may be following G's lead recently since he has developed a dramatic taste for pitching awful fits where he throws his body against anything and anyone in his way. Picture a solid, 18 month old carrot top "moshing" and slamming his body against pointed furniture and his parents innocent foreheads, cheek bones and noses.

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