Sunday, May 18, 2008


My fabulous neighbors invited the family to visit her business partner's Cottage Grove home (10 acres!) to see their baby (teenage?) ducks. E is out of town with Auntie Katie, Jim, and Deegan so it was up to G, D and I to experience the ducks by ourselves. (C opted out since he isn't as excited by cute, fuzzy, feathered animals to the same extent that the children and I are.)

We had a fabulous time listening to the ducks squeak and quack at us. There were nine of them and they were darling. Since it was such a gorgeous evening, we also took a walk thru the trails on their property. It was so awesome. I loved playing camera and experimenting with different settings on my camera. I hope we can go back again some time and let the children explore more as I play more camera. Thank you, JP and CP. You two ROCK!

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