Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pay It Forward

Today E had the privilege of selling red poppies with Grandma and Papa for the VFW. Papa is the Post Commander (I think that's the right title?) of the Woodbury VFW. He and Grandma enlisted E's help for a booth outside a big box store. She had a fabulous time working for a great cause.

Although I try not to bore people with political ramblings, I am about to stand on a soap box for a moment or two. I believe that no matter what you think about the military situations our country's leaders pull our armed services into -- it is essential that the entire country support OUR service members. All people who chose to serve our country, and put their lives in peril, deserve to be shown our utmost gratitude. There is NEVER a good reason to disrespect our troops.

I say this as a person who is utterly against war and as a person who does not believe we had good enough reasons to invade Afghanistan or Iraq. It doesn't matter that I think our current president and his administration are idiots (with the possible exceptions of Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell). I will always support our troops.

My dad is a Vietnam Vet who suffers from PTSD. He proudly served our country, yet he was treated horrendously when he returned to the United States. He tells awful stories about returning and how there was no thanks or recognition for his sacrifices. For a member of our military to put their entire life on hold; to leave family, friends, children, spouses; to experience the unspeakable tragedies that accompany war and then return to anything less than a hero 's welcome is completely unacceptable. It breaks my heart.

Enough of my ramblings... I am very glad that E had the opportunity to volunteer to help gather funds for the VFW with Grandma and Papa. It is very important to me that she learns to do all she can to "pay it forward" and be of service to others.

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