Thursday, May 1, 2008


Yahoo! Wheeee!!! In approximately 24 hours I will up scrapbooking with lots of awesome ladies (and a few fabulous men). I can't wait! I do not know which excites me more: A) Chance to sleep through the night, uninterrupted by snoring husband/son or shrieking children, B) Full weekend of home-cooked meals that are prepared by SOMEONE OTHER THAN ME, or C) Scrapbooking for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours on end.

Do not get me wrong. I adore my family. It has just been a particularly challenging week. E was home from school sick two days this week; G and D have had terribly snotty noses and been sick since last week (G was diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday!); Hubby-dearest was out of town Monday through Wednesday. I am ready for some less multi-tasking.

Why do moms (specifically ME) always feel so guilty about taking time for ourselves? To prep things for my husband while he has the children by himself this weekend, I have made sure all the laundry is caught up, house is relatively clean, all grocery and household supply stuff is stocked (heaven forbid he need to shop EVER, but especially with children), set aside clothes outfits for each child for the three days, posted a meal plan on the front of the fridge that "suggests" what meals can easily be thrown together, etc... [Mental note -- I had better run to the liquor store tonight and grab him a few beers for Saturday night! He'll probably need some adult refreshments by Saturday evening.] No offense, but when Hubby needs to be out of town, do you think he takes great pains to prep the house for me? I think not.

Seriously, I am not trying to sound sassy. Just trying to make a point -- these are the types of things moms always do for their family. It is just taken for granted that they will always get done and be taken care of.

I am constantly set on "multi-task mode", it feels odd and just plain wrong to slow down and do something for me. It's completely natural for me to help E with her homework at the kitchen table while preparing dinner with G or D on my hip as I change a load of laundry. (Yes, our laundry is in our kitchen. It is an odd, yet surprisingly convenient, set-up.) I know I am a better mom, partner, friend when I make time for me, but when life is so busy... It's hard to slow down and remember to just take deep-breaths.

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