Saturday, July 4, 2009


Freedom -- What does it mean to you?

Do we, as citizens of one of the greatest democracies on the planet, fully appreciate all of our awesome blessings -- freedom to disagree with our government without threat of incarceration or even death? freedom to vote for our often wicked and egotistical leaders? freedom to raise any number of children we choose in whatever manner we choose? freedom to worship any god (btw, there is only one, true God) or entity that we choose? freedom to choose any life path or career that we desire?

These are phenomenal blessings that many men and women made grand sacrifices to enable us these luxuries.

As we celebrate Independence Day for the United States of America, I am reminded of the awesome responsibility we have to appreciate our blessings and freedoms. Just look at the worldwide news and remember why you love the USA, including all of it's shortcomings.

Honduras' President removed from office by military coup

Iran's "democratic" elections have questionable results

Charity workers kidnapped in Darfur

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