Saturday, July 11, 2009

Life Lesson

E (my almost 9-year old daughter) to me: Mom! I have funny toes. Just look at that "piggly" toe...

Me: Your what?

E: My piggly toe. You know, the little one. It's so little and weird.

Me: Honey, do you mean your "pinkie" toe, like this? (I hold up my pinkie finger.)

E: Nooooo. It's my piggly toe.

Me: I think it's called your PINKIE toe.

E: No. It's not.

Me: Are you sure? I think I have always heard it referred to as a pinkie, or maybe a baby, toe.

E: No, Mom! I am right. What do you call this toe? (She is pointing at the toe next to her pinkie toe.)

Me: Ummm... I don't know. It's just a toe.

E: Mom, it's not called a "ring" toe, like on your hand (pointing to her ring finger) -- so, this little toe is my piggly toe -- not my pinkie toe. Toes have different names than fingers. Geez! Don't you know anything?

Me: Ummm... apparently not.
How can you argue with that kind of logic? Seriously?! It was flawed but quite ingenious, wouldn't you agree?

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