Friday, October 22, 2010

My Poet Laureate

My sweet, darling Precious loves to write poetry.  I suppose the fact that she goes to an arts-focused school helps her adoration of poetry.  More often then not, she and her fellow students get to create dances and movements that follow their poems.  In any case, I wanted to share one of her bestest poems because I am so very proud of all of her creativity.

Do We Give Up Hope?
By Precious

Do we give up hope...
When the birds don't sing in the morning?
Do we give up hope...
When there are no flowers to pick?

Do we,
do we...
give up hope...

When there is no one to talk to or have fun with?

Do we give up hope...
When we are lonely?

No, no, we will not give up hope,

Hope is 
the people of the world.

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