Tuesday, October 12, 2010

School Sniffles

I am so far behind! Life has been so chaotic and busy and I've been just plain ol' exhausted and not able to keep up with everything. So, only ONE MONTH LATE, here are a few pictures of my darling wee ones on their first days of school.  (Precious started approx one week before the smaller children.)

Precious entered fifth grade.

Precious is getting to be way too cool for me.  The Little Miss is turning into a "tween" as we speak.  Suddenly, she has very strong ideas about EVERYTHING -- from the clothes she wears, to her hair cuts, to what is too "lame" to eat in a school lunch, to who is allowed to walk her to the bus stop each morning.  

Little Princess started kindergarten. 
 (Insert whimpering, sad mom)


Princess has been ready to go to school for well over a year.  Since she had her kindergarten readiness test in January 2010, she has asked me DAILY "When is it my turn to go to 'chool?" (We have problems with words that start with an "s" sound).  Literally, I kid you not, the child has asked DAILY -- often more than one, two, or fifty-eight times a day -- "When can I be big and go to 'chool?!"

Little Man started preschool. 
(Insert wailing, sobbing, 
tear-streaked-face mommy)

Look at how brave my boy is!  His tiny hands are fisted and he's to make new friends, or perhaps do battle?  Not sure which one... he's definitely the most shy and least likely to want to make new friends.  He's an observer who stands back until his sisters pull him into their play.  Now what?  What happens when his sisters aren't there to encourage him to join the masses already enjoying the fabulous-ness of preschool classroom toys?

I cannot believe my babies are all in school.  Aren't I supposed to feel some sense of freedom or accomplishment now that everyone has at least made it to the next phase of their journey?  Or will it be different than I expected?  Instead of feeling accomplished, will I feel a sense of grief and loss at each new stage of life's journey with my wee ones?  SIGH!

I need a small, tiny, precious baby to cuddle.

Sniff, sniff, sniff!

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frugalapolis said...

you'll get over it ann, they need to grow up and they'll be gone before you know. Live YOUR life now, find what makes YOU happy, and do it everyday.