Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fruit Market

My darling daughter, Little Princess, decided to have a "Fruit Market" the other evening.  I guess the best spot in the house consisted of the top of the humidifier in the kitchen.  Really?!?!?  I swear, I took 382 pictures but was still unable to get her to keep her eyes open.  Finally both of us gave up and ended up with this picture.

But it's all good, because apparently, I need to pay my five-year old $1 to buy back one of the apples or oranges at the Fruit Market, which I already paid for at the grocery store... AWESOME!


Lana said...

Smart girl! Btw, my oldest daughter has the same problem with not being able to keep her eyes open for pics. It drives me nuts because if she's not blinking then she has that completely deranged look about her from trying to hold them open until I snap the pic, lol.

Vodka Logic said...

Smart little one you have there..