Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Apologies to You, Dearest Blog

Dearest Blog:

I am full of excuses, but none of them are worth their weight.  I have neglected you and pushed you to the side.  My main excuse is that I have been so darn-blasted tired and busy, but alas, this is not okay behavior.  One does not treat their prized friend (as only you can be considered, my dearest Blog) in such a manner.

But do not fret!  I have thought of you often.  You are always on my mind.  Little moments that occur and I think, "Oh! I should share with with Blog." And then my distracted mind is taken in another direction...

My friends call it my "Squirrel" moments.  (Have you seen the children's movie "Up" where the dog is in mid-conversation, but distracted by a random squirrel?)

Will you forgive me?  Pretty please?  I promise to try to behave and be a better friend and write more...

P.S. For your viewing enjoyment, please see the "squirrel" movie clip from Up.

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