Friday, April 29, 2011

Photo Friday: Week 17 - Trees

It's time for the next Photo Friday Project.  This week's theme is "Trees".  Now, that obviously seems like an easy enough topic and I must admit it was challenging to feel overly creative.

Trees represent so many different things to me.  Think: Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden, the childhood escape of a Tree House, the beauty of Redwood Trees, or the awesome book The Education of Little Tree (which really was life changing to me).

So although the below pictures may not represent the above topics, they were the best I could do for now...

Please hop on over to Trina's blog (click her button below) to see the other Photo Friday submissions.  It's so fun to see everyones ideas of each weeks theme.

1 comment:

Trina said...

I love those yellow leaves. And I've just recently seen the beauty in a bare winter tree. Great job :)