Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I often wonder how "out of the loop" I am because I don't tweet.  I have no idea what Twitter is about.  It's a foreign concept to me and it seems a bit pointless.  Please don't offense to this.  I am assuming if I truly understood Twitter than I would be gung-ho and go all bananas and tweet away...

It seems as if most awesome bloggers tweet and it's a great way to stay up to date and provide timely info to followers. However, I doubt that anything I have to say would be that crazily important that anyone in their right mind would want to know about it RIGHT NOW!

Perhaps my disconnect comes from the fact that I don't follow trendy anything.  I could care less which celebrity was most recently seen cheating or what flavor ice cream Julia Roberts child is devouring or what color Dennis Rodman's dress currently is.

It's not that I don't think any of those topics are news worthy, but more often than not I feel so overwhelmed by the need to be on top of everything that I have to drop the ball somewhere and I guess the losers are pop culture and trends and celebrity gossip.

Or I could tell you the truth and admit that I'm so in love with talk public radio that I can't be bothered with the local evening news (don't care who shot who), pop radio (those lyrics are scary!), or how many wives Michael Jackson had (were they ever really consummated?).

You can't go wrong with "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me", the oddly informative new quiz, that makes me belly laugh each week!  Or think "Splendid Table" with Lynne Rossetto Kasper who is a goddess for all the phenomenal things she creates in the kitchen -- things so far over my head, I often don't even know of all of the ingredients.  Or "Speaking of Faith" (now called "Being") with Krista Tippett And then there are the mid-day talk shows with topics varying from the state budget (boring and frustrating, but a necessary evil?), education disparities between children, the civil wars in Syria and Tsnusia and Libya, how to plan your garden, Peggy Orenstein's great new novel "Cinderella Ate My Daughter"!  The list goes on!

So now you know my dirty secret about being obsessed with talk public radio instead of tweeting about the darling (and not-so-darling) experiences with my wee ones...

Does that make me the oddest mommy on the block?  What are your thoughts on Twitter? Please explain to me how it even works or is useful?

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