Wednesday, May 26, 2010


"Books are such simple things. On the surface, they are nothing but pieces of paper bound together containing strings of words -- but books contain amazing power. The ability to read and access to books can change a child's life. I know this because I believe they changed mine."

BlogHer and BookRenter, a company that rents textbooks to college students, have joined forces because we know that books makes a difference. Help us meet our goal of 1,000 books donated -- we're not there yet!

From May 3-28, together we are working to make a difference in children's lives by generating new books for children who need them most, via the nonprofit organization First Book.

Want to help? For every comment you leave on this post, one book will be donated. That's right: All you need to do is leave a comment, and BookRenter will donate a book to a child in need -- up to 1,000 books.

Comment as many times as you like. How about telling us about the books that changed your own life? You can also blog it this week and let us know. Your post will count as a comment as well! See who else has blogged this book drive here.

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