Monday, May 17, 2010

It's Therapeutic!

As long as I am on a sarcastic streak with my blogging, today's posting is about the fantastically awesome and oh-so-true website titled "Sh*t My Kids Ruined." It describes itself as "THE STRONGEST VISUAL BIRTH CONTROL ON THE MARKET TODAY." They "want to know about the shit your kids ruined. Perhaps your couch? Your TV? Your marriage? Your dreams? CONTRIBUTE. It's therapeutic."

It is a rollicking good time exploring the misfortunes of fellow breeders who blinked for the briefest of moments during their parental watch!

I was made aware of the website by a co-worker who thought, perhaps, I would have a few pictures of my own to share. Oh! You bet your bottom dollar I have incriminating pictures of ruined sh*t! I just don't happen to be organized or motivated enough to local them at this moment. However, now that I know this type of website exists -- I am so going to post the next pictures I take of ruined items AND, very unfortunately, I am positive there will be a next time for ruined items.

P.S. My nine-year old just read this posting and is very upset with me. She thinks the website is awful and "blaming children for things they didn't do on purpose." Which may be true... perhaps the kids didn't intend to ruin the stuff. Yet, it was ruined just the same and when said daughter grows up and reproduces her own hellions, she will better understand. Hugs!

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