Saturday, May 22, 2010


I adore teacher's blogs. They are the best. Super funny and insightful and oh-so-brutally honest! Today I was reading Ayn's post. Too cute and a perfect example of children trying to use their recently acquired, ever expanding, vocabulary skills. Hee-hee!

Little illuminations: "Wednesday's Witticism - Out of the mouth of babes"

For today's "Witticism" post, I thought I would share a cute story that happened yesterday. We're finishing our last week of school with the "tale" end of our fairytale unit. Today's story was "Jack and the Beanstalk". I usually try to find literature to share that is relatively free of violence and "bad words". I started to read the story and realized it was a particularly gory version, so I swapped it for another. The second version was pretty accurate with original violence, but I continued. As I was reading the part about Jack cutting down the beanstalk and the giant falls to his death, I was praying that the friends wouldn't focus on the violence. (You know there's always one who will do just what you hope no one will! )

Just as I finished, one of my most enthusiastic friends jumped up and yelled, "MAN, HE GOT SERVED!"

I stifled my laughter and said with an almost straight face, "Ben, what does that mean, 'he got served'?"

He looked up at me with a big smile (proud of his newly expanded vocabulary), "I don't know, but that giant sure got it!"

Kids, you gotta love them!

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