Friday, February 18, 2011

Some Day...

Little Princess' tired brown eyes stare at me from my bedroom doorway. I heard her little feet patter up the stairs to my bedroom. She’s been put to bed thrice already, but there she is again. “Mom-ma, will you cuddle with me?”

Big E is cool in front of her friends, answering questions with a nod and inside jokes and noises, funny only to 10 or 11 year old girls. But she writes me a beautiful Valentine that is so full of love, it takes my breath away. She is half grown. As tall as me, hands the same size, but with much bigger feet. We share the same temper. And yet, she still stumbles into my room late at night, only two of us awake in the quiet, wanting me to hug her and be with her.

Little Man still tells me that I am his favorite "grill" (aka: girl!). He melts my heart with his dimpled smile and intense questions about why he is not allowed to marry his sister, Little Princess, when he grows up...

One day she may not ask to cuddle.
One day she may not write me a sweet valentine.
One day he may not want to marry his sister. (Which would actually be okay...)

Some day…

I will apologize for my sharp words.
I will chase my larger-than-life dreams.
I will be present mentally while my children jabber non-stop.

...May never come.

There will never be another TODAY!

This is it.

What will you do with it?

What will I do with it?

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