Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Blessings

Last night at 4:55pm my frantic plea for help:

Hello Dear Friends and Neighbors,

While I was out of town last night, it appears our cat, Olee, escaped from his beloved perch on our porch.  Our family is absolutely heart sick with worry and miss him horribly.  We haven’t seen him since early yesterday evening, at about 6pm on Saturday, February 12th.  Attached is a picture of our sweet boy.  He is a black and white, tuxedo cat.  He is super sweet, but weary of new people.  He has front and back claws and thankfully is micro-chipped if he is picked up.  He isn’t used to be outside and he doesn’t have a collar.  If you see him, please call or email me immediately.  If you know any neighbors, who I have missed sending this message to, please forward it to them.

My thankful second message at 8:39pm, a few hours later:

Crisis adverted.  Carol Ann came to the rescue and found our soaking wet and sorrowful Olee this evening.  Thank you, friends. 

Ugh!  I don't ever want to feel that sinking feeling in my stomach again when my wee ones are upset and missing their precious fur ball.  Who frequently sleeps with me and I am utterly addicted to...  UGH!!!


Diplo_Daddy said...

Our cat ran off for over two weeks. I'm very happy someone found her.

(Florida) Girl said...

Soaking wet and sorrowful. I guess he might be staying put next time around.

One of our cats did something similar once and never again.