Saturday, June 18, 2011

ABCs of Me

I found this post idea at C. Mom.  Several bloggers have done the ABC challenge and now I'd like to join in...

A. Are you a PC or a Mac: Always a PC. Husband would have an aneurysm if I chose anything different. Although I must confess to having an iPod that I love.

B: Bed Size: Queen. \However, a king sounds kind of nice lately -- what with all those wee ones joining me in bed EVERY night. I get it that I am all cute and cuddly, but come on!

C. Chore you hate: Putting laundry away. I literally will leave laundry (folded) in a basket and go get clothes from the basket instead of my dresser.

D. Dogs or cat? Always cat! Never been a fan of droooly dogs.

E. Essential “start the day” item: Diet Pepsi.

F. Fave color: Green. Always any shade of green.

H. Height: 5″1'…all of my pants are always way too long. My friends who are 5"6 or 5"8 think it's funny when I call them TALL!

G. Gold or Silver: Gold. Hello! Look how pale my skin is. Silver washes me out even more.

I. Instruments you play: I have NO musical talent -- not in instruments or singing. I've awful.

J. Job: Mom, wife, sister, crisis negotiator, chef, chauffeur, and my paid employment includes project management and executive assistant duties.

K. Kids: 4 wee ones. Daughter, age 10; step daughter, age 7 (on Sunday); daughter, age 5; son, age 4.

L. Living Arrangements: Home owner.

M. Mom’s Name: Margaret. She goes by Peggy.

N. Nickname: “Baby Red” or "Annie".

O. Overnight Hospital Stay: Yup. All three of my children were born via c-section. I've also had gastric bypass and my wisdom teeth a million years ago were a pain in my arse and needed surgical removal.

P. Pet Peeve: Huh! It's hard to only chose one. I can't stand twitchers who constantly shake their leg or tap their foot or fingers. Drives me batty.

Q. Quality I would like to have (but do not): Patience with the wee ones. Lack of an anxiety disorder would also be nice.


S. SIBLINGS: Two younger sisters. One 11 months younger and the other 5 1/2 years younger.

T. TV Shows: Diners, Drive-Ins and Drives. Or anything on HGTv.

U. Underwear: Can't answer this. Sorry.

V. Vacation I am dreaming of: The Greek Isles, Egypt, Fiji.

W: Wine preference: Sorry. I'm not much of a fan of wine. Give me rum or the occasional tequila.

Y:Yummiest food: Benihana's fried rice with ginger sauce. Or anything PASTA!

Z: Zodiac Sign: Virgo, but I must say that I don't give much deference to astrological signs.

Pick a letter, any letter. How would you answer it?


Mrs. Sherman said...

I Love reading posts like these, they are fun! I did one awhile ago, check it out!

Annie said...

Thanks, Mrs. Sherman! I love finding fellow MN bloggers. Love your ABC post. I may need to borrow the topics for a future post.