Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Yesterday, I was honored to share a "Mumstrosity" regarding an important anniversary for me. Click here to visit "Happy Anniversary to Me" at Mumstrosity.

And in case you haven't heard of the blog "Mumstrosity", hop over immediately and read the stories.  As Liz at Mumstrosity describes her site:


Welcome to Mumstrosity.com

Mumstrosity.com is based in Australia.

What is a Mumstrosity?
-noun , plural -ties
1. The state or character of being a monstrous mum.
2. An incident or act involving ones offspring that has resulted in a mother feeling bad or
experiencing ‘Mummy Guilt’

1. Collective name of several ‘Mumstrosity’ incidents.
eg. “On www.mumstrosity.com you can find a collection of ‘Mumstrosities’.”

Here you’ll find my blog, a collection of Mumstrosities and a few awesome giveaways .

We’re all human, and sometimes we just fuck things up. When your a mother, the likelihood of you fucking something up can be times by the number of children you have – in my case, x3.
You’d think the more children someone has, the better they would be at parenting. This is not the case; you see, the eldest child is always going to be a learning point, the second child you try to learn from the ‘mistakes’ you made the first time round, but things still don’t go smooth. By the time you get to number 3, or any surviving succeeding children thereafter you don’t know what the fuck to do and just let them run wild. or something.

I am, a Mumstrosity. Are you?
About Liz
Liz is a twenty-something stay at home Mum of 3 who divides her time between drinking coffee, blogging, changing nappies and shopping. Probably in that order.
She began blogging in April 2010, started Mumstrosity.com in January 2011 and is also an admin at DigitalParents and Blogger’s Manifesto.


Mumstrosity said...

Thanks for the pimp out, and thanks for sharing your story. I've had some private messages from people saying that they really appreciated the open-ness xx

Annie said...

Thanks, Liz. Your site rocks. I'm glad I was able to share and be part of it.