Sunday, June 5, 2011

Only Girl Left Standing

Big E decided that despite the fact that the girls are supposed to switch to softball this year and be on single-gender teams, she was having NONE OF IT. My girl made me proud by declaring (with NO prompting from her feminist mom) that she positively would NOT switch to an all girl team. She stated that she has always played baseball and often been the only girl and she would keep with baseball this year -- despite the fact that we needed to sign her up in a special way as the ONLY GIRL in a boys-only league. Bestill my heart, I love that head-strong, spunky girl! GO BIG E!

They like her strong arm, so it looks like she will occupy 3rd base from now on.  She's bummed that she isn't pitcher. 

(Better pictures to follow as the season progresses and the weather gets better -- along with my photography skills.)

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