Saturday, June 4, 2011

And Nobody Told Me

As I was perusing blogs I enjoy, I stumbled across the most fantastic "About Me" section at  It spoke volumes to me and perfectly stated how I feel about my blog and being a mother.  Swing by And Nobody Told Me...

"How many times have you found yourself listing all of the things nobody told you about motherhood?

No matter what your life, your child, your family or your day is like, the constant which unites all of us as mothers is that we try our best just to make everything work. Every morning, we wake up and juggle everything from the amazing high points to the stressful, gut-wrenching low points, to the pile of dishes and laundry.

All the while, we’re carving our way through the most ambiguous on-the-job-training in the world. Here at And Nobody Told Me… we’re making a space to share our experiences and compare notes.

There’s no special handshake, just the quiet understanding every mother has for another.

Motherhood is a secret society, you’re already a member."

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